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Written by Robert Mould

Free online digital marketing courses you need to take

Free online courses blog post

Who says nothing in life comes for free?! Below are our free online courses that you should know about (and complete!) to help you with your digital marketing learning.

Whilst we always enjoy working with businesses to help accelerate their digital journey, we always recommend getting as much knowledge as possible before we start working together.

Google Digital Marketing by Google and Open Univeristy

Before going through the checks on your website below, you need to understand what you looking to achieve with your website.

Have you really understood what your customers are searching for when they come to realise they need your products or services?

If not, then we highly recommend brainstorming ideas, prioritise the typical questions or queries they would type in Google and structure your website around them.

Responsive Web Design by freecodecamp.org

If you have read our blog on Google’s Mobile-First Index then you’ll know the importance of designing your website for mobile devices.

In fact, you should only focus on mobile devices, if appearing top of Google’s rankings is important for your business.

Whilst this course is on the more technical side of web site design and development, we highly recommend taking this course so you are fully up to speed on how responsive web design is built.

Freecodecamp also has other excellent free online courses for all things web development, so if you want to expand your knowledge, then is probably the best free resource available on the web.

On-Page and Technical SEO Course by SEMrush

All of our team use SEMrush to help our customers rank higher on Google, get more traffic to their website and generate more business online.

Therefore we recommend SEMrush’s academy courses on all things SEO as a must for any business or website owner.

Their tools are one of most comphrensive on the market as too their online courses.

Its by no means used a sales pitch (alebit there are frequent mentions of their tool – which is only inveitable!) but used as a genuine tool to help business owners enhance their knowledge of SEO.

Content Marketing by Hubspot

Hubspot are the pioneers of the term ‘inbound’ which is all about creating great content for your audience, automating how to feed content to them and then setting criteria as to when they are sufficiently warmed up to become leads for your business.

They have free courses on how to create great content through to setting up automated channels in order to target prospects.

Training with RJM

We also provide bespoke SEO training for you and/or your team. To find out more what we cover, click here.