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Written by Lauren Williams

Our Website Is Accredited Climate-Positive!

Eco friendly web alliance blog post

We are delighted to announce that we have received the Climate-Positive Website Accreditation for our website by the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA).

Robbie Mould, the Managing Director of RJM Digital said:
“Being a responsible corporate citizen is very important to us as sustainability and our social impact is something we strongly advocate and support. This accreditation recognises our digital sustainability leadership by taking measures to reduce the carbon footprint of our website and using green energy to power our website. As part of the criteria, we also take responsibility for our website’s carbon footprint each year through high-integrity, science-backed Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard projects that remove carbon, restore biodiversity, and improve livelihoods. It is imperative that we should not neglect the carbon footprint of our websites and digital platforms while we work towards a cleaner greener internet for all.”

Everyone at RJM Digital is thrilled to receive the EFWA Climate-Positive Website Accreditation and we’re proud that our website is accredited as Climate-Positive as we take responsibility for our digital presence.

What is the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA)?

Eco-Friendly Alliance (EFWA) is a social enterprise with a vision to make a positive impact on the environment.

The internet, a seemingly ubiquitous aspect of modern life, has a significant carbon footprint, contributing to 3.7% of global emissions – more than the aviation industry. EFWA’s mission is to work towards a greener internet by empowering website owners to take action and reduce their environmental impact.
EFWA’s goal is to build on our global movement for a cleaner and greener internet with ‘1 million climate-positive websites by 2030’, including both new websites that are necessary and helping convert existing ones to be low-carbon and high-performing, contributing to the battle against climate change.

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) is an award-winning social enterprise focused on creating a cleaner, greener internet. Their groundbreaking Eco standard for websites aims to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions into the atmosphere. An 11-member scientific advisory board ensures the integrity of the process through regular reviews and progressions.

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