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Obtaining better quality leads and traffic to your website.

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Are you seen on search engines?

Would your business grow if it attracted better quality leads from your target clients?

We can provide you with a SEO service that is results and data driven. We understand the complexity of the Google algorithm, analyse the reasons why other websites rank high, and customise our approach to enable you to surpass your competitors.

We can assist you in determining if SEO is the appropriate marketing strategy for your business by conducting an SEO audit which involves keyword research, assessing the search volume related to your product or service, and ensuring that your website is optimised to convert traffic into leads. If there are enough potential customers searching for your offerings and we can provide a plan to rank at the top of Google to generate you more leads, why would you not seize this opportunity?



More visibility

Being at the top of search engines will bring more customers in through organic searches that are specifically looking for something your Dubai business provides.

Increases trust

Being ranked No.1 will build trust with potential clients as they trust the search engine to give them the most relevant site for their search term.

More awareness

Brings brand awareness to your Dubai company as people will still see your website at the top regardless of whether they choose to click on it or not.

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Focused on achieving outcomes

RJM Digital enjoys working with Dubai businesses that want to grow and we love helping them achieve their goals. Whether it be increasing your online presence, generating more revenue or achieving campaign results, we can help you.

See how we have helped many other businesses do the same…

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Our results:


Month ROI


Increase traffic


More enquiries

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Our results:


Locations at #1


Increase in CTR


More enquiries

Types of SEO

Local SEO

Be found by people in your local area that are searching for products or services that you offer. 

E-Commerce SEO

Drive more traffic and sales by optimising your online store for search engines.

Technical SEO

Make sure the coding of your website is functioning and adhering to Google's best practices (Core Web Vitals)  to support your rankings in search engines.

International SEO

Let search engines find your website wherever you are in the world, at any time and in any language. 

Mobile SEO

Optimise your websites for mobile devices to improve user experience and engagement from any device.

On-Page SEO

Make your content on your landing pages useful to your users as well as adhering to Google’s best practices.

SEO Strategy

Create a strategy that will get your business the results it needs. We offer a bespoke result-driven SEO strategy service for your Dubai business.

SEO Analytics

Use analytics to track the progress of your website and  see which SEO strategies are working and which need improvement.

SEO Audit

Understand what needs to be improved in order to increase your website's visibility. RJM Digital can provide you with a free SEO audit to begin this process.


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Results-Driven Strategy

RJM Digital knows no two businesses are the same which is why it is essential to have a bespoke SEO strategy. We will arrange a discovery meeting with you to discuss your company and its goals, which enables us to create the most appropriate SEO plan for you.


We use a Build ➡ Evaluate ➡ Optimise cycle to ensure we are meeting your SEO expectations and to keep producing the results you are aiming for. As SEO is continually evolving, we will always adapt our approach to ensure we continue to meet your desired outcomes.


Once the initial set-up has been completed and we’re beginning to achieve results, we will begin the optimisation stage. We will update your website when needed due to competitor activity or algorithm updates.


RJM Digital will then conduct regular reviews of your website’s SEO performance to ensure it is helping you achieve the results you want it to. We can then adapt your site to keep it up to date with any changes to your business.

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Tom Phillips

What can we say? RJM Digital has been excellent from the first day we started using them, helping us to understand how to deliver...

Jason Cornes

RJM Digital has successfully revamped our website. As a result, the platform is able to attract a significant number of customer...

Sarah Bennett

Their knowledge in SEO and ability to look at a problem with a solution that fits my needs were impressive.



What's the difference between SEO and Google Ads?

Google Ads is a brilliant way of getting your website to the top of Google without any prior work to your website. You have to pay ‘per click’ you receieve as a result of your advert displaying on Google. SEO on the other hand is a (typically) much longer process that requires investment up-front and on-going but generally has a better long term ROI and Click-Through-Rate to your website.


How do you know if my website will rank?

For every enquiry/project we perform a SEO audit to understand the difficulty and estimate the work required to get your website ranking. If we don’t feel we can achieve results in the budget of our customer, we will not work with the customer.


Who makes the SEO content?

All articles, blogs, website copy and videos are produced by the RJM Digital team. If you wish to provide your original photography please send it to use via e-mail. Alternatively, we can advise you on stock photography that is free or purchased.


Is there a minimum term contract?

For all monthly packages there is a 3 month minimum term. After the minimum term there is a one month notice period. Although we aim to produce results quickly, it generally takes 3 months to see the full benefit.


Can you perform SEO on an existing website?

We would always recommend building a GatsbyJS website for maximum SEO results but we provide SEO services on existing websites.


Can we purchase ad-hoc SEO services from you?

If you have a specific SEO requirement such as technical SEO or support with Keyword Research then we can provide advice on these requests.


When should I expect to see results?

There are no defined timelines on when you should expect to receive results with SEO. However, with all of our customers we conduct a full SEO audit that analyses the competition and existing SEO work on your site and will be able to guide you on what we need to do to get your website to the top of Google.

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