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Build or convert your website into a low-carbon producing website.

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Build a website that aligns with your net zero commitment

Sustainability is an important part of any business and here at RJM Digital, we can help ensure that you are considering the 3 P's of sustainability - People, Planet, and Profit - so it aligns with your company's commitment to sustainable business operations. 

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Accessible for all

Your website needs to be accessible for any user, no matter how they access the internet. Our expert team can help you build your website so everyone can enjoy it, regardless of ability.

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Green hosting

Green hosting uses electricity from sustainable sources and calculates your carbon emissions, which you can then offset to reduce your carbon footprint. We host all our websites on green servers and provide you with regular reports which you can use to feed into your net zero commitment.

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Generates revenue

In order to be sustainable, your business needs to be profitable. RJM can help you create a website that supports and sustains your business growth, generating more profit through higher conversions.



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Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your website looks great, is functional, accessible, and sustainable. The end result is a website that represents your business and brand and does its job as an integral part of your marketing.


After chatting about your requirements, RJM will start building your website. You can make as many tweaks and changes at this stage until you're 100% happy. This is where we will ensure your website is accessible, sustainable and looks great on whatever device your customers are viewing your site.


We use a range of tools and guidelines to ensure your website meets the requirements to be eco-friendly and accessible. You can track your website's progress on our test server and we'll ask you to sign off on the final design once you're 100% happy before we launch.


Once the RJM team has checked and double-checked everything on your website is working and worded perfectly, we launch your website into the world. We use super-fast, high-performance green servers so you can trust that your website is being well looked after, while helping lower your carbon footprint.

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What is the carbon footprint of my current website?

We recommend using a tool called Website Carbon to find out the current carbon emissions of your website:


What accessible guidelines do you follow?

We aim to make our accessible websites follow the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.


Can I measure the carbon footprint of my website?

We partner with the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance to audit your sustainable website based on the grams of carbon each webpage produces. You can then use your analytics to view the number of pages x the grams of carbon emitted as a rough guide to your websites carbon footprint.




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