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Growth Hacking Template

The business owners framework to get better results


By implementing growth hacking into your company you will:

Focus on the activities that will grow your business

Experiment new ideas even with zero budget

Attract growth in every part of your company (Marketing through to Customer Service)

Become data led and elimanate uncertainty in decision making

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Google Optimise

Google Optimise

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Google Analytics

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console

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How to use the template

Explanations of the key fields

Levers / Pirate Funnnel: AAARRR

Awareness - How many people do you make aware of your company?

Acquisition - How many people visit your website/content?

Activation - How many people take the first important step? I.e send a quote request, sign-up to your service, send a message?

Retention - How many people return to your website/content a second/third/fourth time?

Revenue - How many people start paying?

Referral - How many people refer your product/service to their friends and peers?

Objectives and Metrics

Objectives - What are you trying to achieve within your company in this lever?

Metric - How are you going to measure growth for this test? Examples include: Increase of followers, website visits, Google Search Rankings etc

Tip: Use the recommended Tools above to measure your experiment's.

ICE Scoring: How to score your tests and ideas?

Impact /10 = how well will you idea positively affect the key objective you're trying to improve?

Confidence /10 = how sure are you that this test will help improve growth for the objective?

Ease /10 = how quickly and easily can I implement this test? 1= Month - 10= Minutes

Score = Impact + Confidence + Ease /30. Start with the tests that score the highest.

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