The Happy Hours App

Highest rated app for finding drink deals in Dubai

screenshot of the Happy Hours App

The Brief

This was an in-house project to evaluate Xamarin.Forms, a relatively new framework which leverages the .NET framework to generate native mobile apps using a single code base. We had to create multiple API's which connected to an internal portal (created using Angular so our team could update information), authentication server, the mobile app and our website (for marketing and SEO purposes).

The app had to feature user reviews, location tracking (so users could find their nearest venue) and live timing information for various deals and offers. It needed to leverage the native controls that is built within the iOS and Android platform to give the best user experience possible.

The Results

We managed to get the highest rating for a food and drink app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play store. The app at its peak had 7,000 monthly active users and 500+ venues successfully listed on the platform. The whole platform was hosted on Microsoft Azure and was built using a microservices approach.