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Improve your marketing strategy with an SEO audit and boost your search engine rankings.

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Is an SEO audit what you need?

Our in-depth SEO audit service with one of our SEO specialists will allow you to understand the progress your website has made on Google so far and what else can be put in place in your SEO strategy to help you achieve more.

A bespoke SEO audit is one of the most valuable and insightful ways to understand how you can rank higher on search engines, increase the amount of website traffic to your site, and ultimately generate more leads and sales.

Our in-depth SEO audit will enable you to identify any opportunities that will allow you to improve the search engine's perception of your website and help you to build a detailed long term SEO strategy that elevate your sites rankings for specific keywords above competitors websites.

RJM Digital discussing what SEO strategies to use for a customer site and how SEO is incredibly powerful
an example of a really successful website that RJM Digital built, designed and did the SEO for.
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Get your free SEO audit

Get a free SEO audit and consultation by submitting your company details below. We will then get in contact with you to book a meeting or alternatively you can select a date that suits you, using our online calendar below.

What's included in our free SEO audit?

Keyword analysis

We will conduct in-depth keyword research, analysing how many searches are made to determine the best keywords for your website to target as well as the keyword usage.

Page speed

Many websites perform poorly due to slow loading speed. With our technical SEO knowledge, we will work to improve the site speed across each of your web pages.

Backlink analysis

Having poor backlinks to your website can cause plenty of SEO issues. We'll analyse links to your site in a backlink audit, remove any negative ones and discuss strategies for new backlinks.

Competitor analysis

Understanding the digital marketing efforts of your competitors can help you improve your own SEO strategies. We will help you to analyse what others are doing in your industry and make any necessary actionable recommendations.

Technical SEO

From setting up Google Search Console to writing schema markup for your web pages, a technical SEO audit can make a huge difference to the success of your website.

Reporting & analytics

Our technical SEO specialists will give advice on how to set up Analytics to ensure you have a better understanding of your user acquisition and attribution modelling, helping SEO reporting and resource decisions.

Information architecture

Knowing how to perfect the information architecture of your website is essential to achieve a positive user experience. We will submit any new XML sitemaps to Google.

Content marketing strategy

Content is the backbone of SEO. We will work with you to optimise your current website content and suggest a marketing strategy to create content that can be created once your audit is complete.

Book your free SEO audit now

An SEO audit London has huge benefits to your business. Our goal is to ultimately help your business thrive in the digital world and improve its ability to rank well through a strategic and data-driven SEO approach. So, don't forget to book a free consultation with a member of our team, so we can talk through our recommendations for your website.



Do I have to attend a Zoom? Can't you just sent me a report?

Yes, if we recommend all customers run through the report with us on Zoom. We explain the details of every element of your website and will advise you on how to get further up the rankings.


How long does it take to run through an SEO audit?

We typically advise 60 – 90 minutes to run through an SEO audit. We cover many aspects of SEO to ensure you get the most amount of value from it.

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