Google Ads

Target your specific audience on the platforms they use

Paid search marketing can be a powerful in growing your business. You may be aiming to expand your audience over time or generate fast conversions as you grow your online presence. RJM Digital creates results-driven Pay-Per-Click campaigns, that target your online goals.

We have hands-on experience using a variety of paid search platforms. These platforms range from Google Ads to Bing Ads and the Google Display Network. We also have expertise on Social Media Adverts and can advise on strategy as well as creating the visuals for each advert.

Our Google Ads Process

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    The brief

    We will conduct extensive research to identify your target audience. This helps us concentrate our efforts on customers who are actively searching for your products or services.

    We can tailor campaigns to multiple demographics, and target prospective customers at varying places in the buying process. This means your budget won’t be wasted on users who aren’t interested, or not ready to convert.

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    Creating the ads

    We craft compelling ads, that reflect your business key USPs. These range from text ads to display ads with high-quality visuals. Every ad we create will include a call to action, prompting users to engage with your website.

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    Campaign Management

    Pay-Per-Click Ads tracks campaign performance in real-time. Click-through rates and conversion data provide the best way to optimise your campaigns. We can also identify patterns and trends in how your user interacts with your ads and website, helping us set targets that are both attainable and measurable.

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