Mobile App Development

Our process to ensure your mobile app delivers business value

All of our mobile applications that we design for your company are tailored to your business’ goals. We provide full stack development services which means we design everything from the Database to the API's to the User Interface of the app. We also provide advice on what is required to meet the different app stores in order to gain most downloads for your app.

We’ll work with you to understand how a native mobile app can ehance your business, visibility and ultimately your revenue and profit. There are many alternatives that we can advise before your business commits to launching a mobile app.

Our App Build Process

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    The brief

    Building a mobile app can complex and expensive. RJM Digital however, use technologies which deliver both an iOS and Android App using half the code. We will guide you on the process from design through to launching on the app stores.

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    The design

    We use design tools such as Adobe to get the right look and feel of your new mobile app. We will also discuss the different uses of backends such as Databases and API's.

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    The build

    We work with you each step of coding your app. For those that require a comphrensive backend - we will create the Database and API first and ensure that its fit for purpose.

    We use Xamarin.Forms to give you a cross-platform app that be built using the code base. Rigorous testing will also be included in the coding phase. We also recommend creating a pool of 5 – 10 users (across both iOS and Android) to BETA test any initial releases.

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    The launch

    Once each phase has been signed off - we will then go through the process of the submitting approval in the app stores. This can be one of the hardest parts!

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