Written by Robert Mould

Our Favourite Independent Coffee Shops in Eastbourne

Independent Coffee Shops in Eastbourne

Are you looking for the perfect place to have a cup of coffee in Eastbourne, but also get a spot of work done too? We’ve got you covered. Today we are sharing five independent coffee shops in Eastbourne where you can enjoy a delicious brew and get on with business at the same time.

Don’t worry, we’ve also taken into account the importance of comfy seating, reliable Wi-Fi, and a generous number of charging outlets alongside great coffee when deciding on the best independent cafes in Eastbourne to visit.

So, without any further ado – let’s check out some of our highly recommended spots.

Nelson Coffee

The Nelson Coffee shop in Eastbourne is a lovely spot to settle down and work in. It’s usually not overcrowded, making it an excellent choice if you want to knuckle down without endless distractions. Overall, this is a friendly, comfortable space, and it’s definitely cooler than your average coffee shop.

This cosy Eastbourne-based independent coffee shop also regularly changes its menu in-line with the seasons (every three months) so it’s ideal for those with ever-changing tastebuds too.

Urban Ground

Urban Ground is one of the most popular independent cafes in Eastbourne among freelancers. Why? Because you can remain relatively undisturbed here: no one is likely to bother you when you are trying to focus on a project. It’s definitely a super work-friendly spot in the area, with spacious seating and a reliable Wi-Fi connection as well.

Of course, it’s also known for its superb coffee, roasting high-quality coffee beans from around the world, providing the perfect energy boost when you need it.

Coffee & Carrot

Coffee & Carrot is an independent coffee shop in Eastbourne specialising in artisan coffee, quality tea, fresh juices and smoothies, and it’s a must-visit.

This cafe has a laid-back vibe, making it your go-to choice whenever you need to hold a meeting with clients or colleagues alike. You are also not short of options here: there are plenty of tables to choose from, and that means you definitely won’t have a hard time finding a place to sit either.

Bella’s Secret

Bella’s Secret is a coffee shop in Eastbourne with a great working environment: you can definitely arrange a video conference meeting here without worrying too much about loud background noises. Good seating, quality caffeine options and tasty sandwiches are aplenty here too. If you want to collaborate on something with your clients, vendors or colleagues, this is a nice place to go to with its incredibly chilled atmosphere.

The Art House

The Art House is one of the best independent coffee shops in Eastbourne to spend the day working in, whether on a solo-basis or with other freelancers and remote workers. The delicious coffee and easy-going vibe makes it a top choice for team-building related activities, as well as a lovely place to chill out after the working day is done too.

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