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Boost your business with an SEO audit.

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How can an SEO audit help you?

By conducting an SEO audit, you can gain meaningful insights into your website's performance on Google, as well as understanding the business benefits such as how ranking higher on Google can increase website traffic and generate more revenue.

This audit serves as a valuable tool for improving your website's search engine ranking, driving traffic, and ultimately boosting sales and leads. Our team will identify areas where your website can be optimised to improve how Google perceives it, and we'll develop a plan to increase its ranking. Get your free SEO audit today!

RJM Digital discussing what SEO strategies to use for a customer site and how SEO is incredibly powerful
an example of a really successful website that RJM Digital built, designed and did the SEO for.
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Receive a complimentary SEO audit and consultation by submitting your company's details below. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to schedule a discovery meeting or, if you prefer, you can choose a date that works best for you via our online calendar.


Keyword Analysis

Our team will perform a comprehensive analysis of keywords, including their search volume, to identify the most effective keywords for your business to target.

Page speed

A slow loading website can negatively impact your rankings. Our audit will analyse how long your website takes to load and how this will affect your users' experience.

Backlink analysis

Poor backlinks can penalise your website, especially if they are from spam sites. Our team will assess the links to your website and identify any harmful ones which should be removed.

Competitor analysis

Understand how your competitors use SEO to get website traffic and identify key areas where you can rank higher. 

Technical SEO

By understanding the impact that back-end SEO code such as Schema markup has on your webpages, you will improve the success of your website on search engine results pages.

Reporting & analytics

During our audit, we will review your website analytics to provide you with a better understanding of where you are ranking currently.

Information architecture

We will review how your website and landing pages are structured and whether they follow Google’s best practices.

Content marketing strategy

Content is fundamental to SEO success. We will identify gaps within your content or whether you have too much content about a particular subject that is cannibalising your rankings. 

Book your free SEO audit now

Simply enter your details below and we will email you our report. Don't forget to book in a free consultation with one of our team, so we can talk through our recommendations for your business.



Do I have to attend a Zoom? Can't you just sent me a report?

Yes, if we recommend all customers run through the report with us on Zoom. We explain the details of every element of your website and will advise you on how to get further up the rankings.


How long does it take to run through an SEO audit?

We typically advise 60 – 90 minutes to run through an SEO audit. We cover many aspects of SEO to ensure you get the most amount of value from it.

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