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IT Data Back-up

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When was the last time you did a data back-up?

Data backups for businesses act as a safety net against any losses of data. In today’s digital world, where data loss can be due to hardware failures, cyber attacks, or human errors, having reliable backups ensures that valuable information remains intact and recoverable. 

Having a backup system in place not only enables quick restoration in times of crisis, minimising downtime and ensuring continuity of your business, but also reinforces cyber security efforts by providing a recovery option in case of ransomware or other cyber attacks. 

Knowing your data is secure can help grow customer relationships and keep a positive brand image. With RJM Digital data back-up solutions, you can trust your data is securely backed-up.

Data back-up

Our IT back-up packages

Our IT back-up packages are built to meet the needs of your business. Helping you keep your data secure with a variety of data back-up choices.

Office 365

Daily Backup of:

  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange
  • Teams
  • 50GB Per user pooled

End User Device

  • Protection from data loss due to user error, malicious attacks, or system failure
  • Secure backup for all your critical data
  • Easily recoverable
  • Scheduled regular backups
  • Monitoring by our help-desk
  • Full protection against any unexpected disruptions


  • Backup of your QuickBooks data
  • Protection from any unexpected outages
  • Stored in a secure, off-site location
  • Restore any lost or corrupted information

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Why you should always back-up your data

Prevent losing your data

Ensuring you back-up your data regularly, in the event of hardware failures, accidents or cyber attacks, you will not lose any important business or customer information.

Improve customer trust

Data backup demonstrates your commitment to protecting your customers information. This can in turn enhance trust and keep your positive brand reputation.

Efficient working

Easily being able to restore your data from backups helps to streamline your work processes and consequently prevents disruption to your business’ productivity.

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